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Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Darwin Wiggett's Daily Snap

Darwin, Samantha Chrysanthou, and myself were out for a little video/photo shoot this morning near Cochrane, Alberta and Darwin snapped this shot of me in my 'full camo costume'. Check it out on his blog!
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Grizzly Bear Hunt notes

The campaign to put a halt to the grizzly bear hunt in British Columbia continues to grow, and this week features a visual petition by conservation photographer Andrew Wright. The "Faltering Light" Visual petition is a coffee table photography book sponsored by more than 40 Canadian organizations that will feature your signatures and will be delivered in person to government officials, including the Premier of British Columbia.

Now is the time to step up and sign a petition if you've been waffling about doing so, as this one may garner the most attention of all. If you think it's time British Columbia stopped allowing the trophy hunt (because that's what it is) of BC's grizzly bears, then please take a few seconds and electronically sign the petition.

A grizzly family in the Great Bear Rainforest near Bella Bella, British Columbia

Thanks to Andrew for taking this bold step, let's hope it results in some progress with government in the fight to stop this unnecessary hunt.


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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Canadian Prairies Wildlife Photography update on Facebook

I've updated my Facebook fan page with another new gallery this morning called Prairie Critters which features wildlife photography from the Canadian Prairies.


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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

John E Marriott Canadian Wildlife and Nature Photography on Facebook and Twitter

Seems I've finally given in to technology and much to my chagrin, I now have a Facebook fan page under John E. Marriott Wildlife and Nature Photography and can now also be found on Twitter under John E. Marriott for those of you that want to follow me that closely.

Both steps represent another slow, painful death for the old John, the one who boldly went about town with no cell phone until just three years ago. And while I'm still not sold on Twitter, I do admit that putting together photo albums for the Facebook page is far easier than doing it here on my blog, so those of you that join that page will get to see a lot of photos that aren't even available yet here on

Also wanted to send out a quick reminder for anyone interested in attending my Wildlife Photography Seminar in Calgary this Saturday, February 13th. Registration is almost full, so sign up now if you haven't already.

And finally, I now have a Canon 1D Mk IV in my hands and my initial reactions to it are mixed. With my 70-200 lens the results have been fantastic, but the shots with my 500mm lens have been quite poor so far. Not sure why, but I'll post my findings in a week or two after more testing.

Happy shooting!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Canadian Landscape Photography Contest

I've been slacking off on my blogging of late, choosing to chase wolves instead for an article I'll be writing later this year for Outdoor Photography Canada magazine on how to photograph wolves in the wild.

However, while I've been off shooting, my partners in SNAP! Nature Photography Seminars, Darwin Wiggett and Sam Chrysanthou, have been busy putting together a photo contest to promote our April weekend seminar in Canmore, Alberta. They've organized a Canadian Landscape Photo Contest on Darwin's blog which is open to anyone and includes some great prizes, like free participation in the seminar! Check it out for more info....

Abandoned grain elevators in Mossleigh, Alberta

There is lots of news on the wolf front here in Banff National Park of late, too. Unfortunately, it's not all good. After the demise of the Bow Valley wolf family in the past year and a half, we were very fortunate to have two new wolf families establish themselves in the park recently. However, this past week, one wolf from each pack was lost on Banff's roads.

Is it a case of "Here we go again?" Let's hope not, but the fact one of the wolves was the alpha female of the new Tunnel-Spray pack is not a good sign just as mating season goes into full swing.

Raven, one of the yearling pups of the new Pipestone wolf family, was killed recently near Lake Louise

I have been in several meetings with Parks Canada researchers and wardens in the past month trying to determine what steps can be taken to end these needless accidents.

Stay tuned for more information.


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Tribute to Delinda

On the eve of Canadian Geographic's cover shot of Delinda, I have put together a new story in my Storybook Gallery about Delinda and the rest of the Bow Valley wolf pack, featuring a collection of some of my favourite wolf photographs from the past two years.

Delinda skirting the edge of a meadow

CBC has also posted an article online on CBC News about Delinda, the cover shot, and some of my comments about her death and what it means to me and to the Bow Valley.

The timing is interesting as we near some of the most important planning and management decisions in years concerning our first (and many would argue, most important) national park, Banff National Park. I encourage you to visit Parks Canada's website and voice your opinions about the draft management plan. The draft plan is woefully inadequate to support any sustained ecological integrity in the park, and suprisingly talks about increasing visitation in the park, which is NOT Parks Canada's mandate. Rather, they need to be concerned about making visiting the park a better experience for those that do come here, while at the same time putting far more effort into ensuring that our wolves and grizzlies do not continue to die on our roads and railways. This whole "if we pretend we're doing something about it then no one will question us" attitude needs to change immediately, the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Please consider writing a Letter to the Editor of either the Banff Crag & Canyon or the Rocky Mountain Outlook, as well as sending an email directly to Mike Murtha with Parks Canada.


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