Arctic Wildlife and Nature Photography Gallery from Nunavut, Canada

Welcome to John's Arctic Photo Gallery, featuring wildlife and nature photography from Canada's remote northern reaches in Nunavut, including arctic wildlife such as polar bears, narwhals, and ringed seals, and arctic landscape images from Baffin Island, Baffin Bay, Pond Inlet, Iqaluit, and Bylot Island. And check out the story about the June 2010 trip on John's blog!

Click on the photo thumbnails below to view the gallery images

Ringed Seal Mountainscape

Standing Polar Bear

Giant Berg


Polar Bear on Baffin Island

Gorgeous Ice Pack

Polar Bear on Ice Floe

Iceberg in Nunavut

Swimming Polar Bear

Narwhal Tusk Photograph

Moss Campion

Baffin Island Winterscape

Dwarfed Iceberg

Arctic Ice Floe Edge

First Glimpse of Baffin North

Big Polar Bear

Iceberg in Baffin Bay

Sunset on Ice Pack

Narwhal Fluke

Beautiful Iceberg

Nunavut Iceberg

Polar Bear at Ice Edge

Camp on the Arctic Ocean

Midnight Sun

Ringed Seal

Midnight Iceberg

Towering Berg

Mom and Cub

Icey Trench

Long Shadows

Arctic Wanderer

Pond Inlet Scenic

Racing Fulmar

Wide-Winged Gull

Read the story about John's adventures in the Canadian Arctic on his blog