Canadian Wildlife Photography Gallery

The Canadian Wildlife Photography Gallery features wildlife photography from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Subarctic, the Canadian Prairies, the Yukon, Newfoundland, the BC Coast, and national parks throughout Western Canada. To view more of John's wildlife photography or to look for stock pictures of a particular wildlife species, please visit Gallery #2 or the Stock Picture Library. All of John's wildlife photography is of wild, free-ranging animals and has not been altered in any way.

Click on the photo thumbnails below to view the gallery images

Black Bear

Rocky Mountain Bighorn

Grizzly Bear Bums

Prairie Pronghorn

Cute Coyotes

Polar Bears

Great Gray Owl

BC Coast Whales

Canada Goose

Canadian Lynx

Slip-sliding Grizzly

Banff Elk

Standing Grizzly

Dall Sheep

Tiny Bear Cubs

Big Caribou

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