The Storybook Photo Gallery

The Stories and Adventures Behind the Photos

Ever wondered what a photographer's favourite shots are and why? Welcome to my storybook photo gallery, where I introduce you to some of my favourite photos and the tales (and often wild adventures) behind them. For my latest photography adventures and updates, don't forget to visit my Canadian Wildlife and Nature Photography Blog for stories on chasing polar bears in the Canadian Arctic, to photographing swift fox and burrowing owls on the Canadian Prairies, and more.

Three of the wolves scattered into the forest immediately, but the fourth, a gorgeous slim black wolf with light trimmings and a silver muzzle, stood there in the middle of the road, then sat down and stared at me.

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I had been working quietly in my office in Canmore, Alberta, Canada when the phone had rung and an invitation had been extended; would I like to take part in a two-week horse trip in the northern Rockies, in a wilderness area the size of Switzerland, as remote as Siberia? Of course I would.

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A little dumbfounded, I kept staring at the tiny specks hoping that some sense would come of what I thought I was seeing...either my eyes were playing tricks on me, or I was looking at an albino bear.

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I decided to stick it out and finally, three hours after sunrise, a cute bundle of fur poked its head out of the den ever so briefly and took a few glimpes this way and that, then disappeared again just as swiftly.

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